About Us

HSI Financial Services, LLC has been providing innovative collection and recovery enhancement solutions exclusively to healthcare providers since 1983.   As a healthcare-owned firm, the values inherent in HSI’s culture make healthcare knowledge and expertise, compliance, customer care, and responsiveness to industry trends an essential part of the approach to our recovery solutions.
With cash collections for our clients totaling over $1.3 Billion, HSI’s results and reputation as a leader in recovery solutions is undisputable. The industry expertise and customer care components of our collection philosophy accentuate HSI’s focus on Healthcare making the value proposition to healthcare providers immeasurable.

HSI’s commitment to improving reimbursement and recovery in the healthcare market has fostered a suite of services that are innovative and provide value in this changing environment of healthcare financial management.

What our clients are saying
By using HSI, I know I don’t have to worry about self-pay debt. Using the latest “smart” technology, HSI efficiently handles each self-pay account, so my team can concentrate on insurance reimbursement. In addition, HSI really listens to its clients. We meet regularly to brainstorm better ways to handle our self-pay issues. They are quick to respond to our needs, producing customer products or services as we need them. They are excellent at negotiating a favorable payment plan for our patients who need a little longer to resolve their debt.
Cathy Dougherty
Vice President, Revenue Management
Gwinnett Hospital System, Inc.