Strategic Partners

HSI Financial Services is proud to partner with leading experts in niche areas of health care revenue cycle that demonstrate proven results in order to offer comprehensive revenue management solutions.  These partnerships complement HSI Financial Services’ core solutions and offer innovative opportunities for maximizing revenues. These partnerships offer services to HSI clients at discounted market rates and include financial, service and quality guarantees.

Accelerated Claims, Inc.

Injury claims reimbursement services for motor vehicle accident patients

Advanta Medical Solutions, LLC
MCare Solutions, Inc.

Transfer DRG review and underpayment recovery services

Triage Consulting Group

Reviews paid commercial and governmental claims to identify significant reimbursement due to underpayments.

What our clients are saying
Our strategic partnership with HSI Financial Services reflects true commitment to providing a full spectrum of revenue cycle enhancement opportunities, and is one reason we looked to partner with them. Through their offerings, they provide excellent core revenue cycle services, yet they’ve gone even further by vetting other organizations that compliment those efforts with specialized services required for maximum revenue recovery. Through these partnerships, clients have access to a multitude of industry leaders, such as the underpayment review services provided by Triage Consulting Group. Working together, clients can access the much needed expertise and knowledge of these partners, and ultimately, see optimal results for their own organizations.
Sean Alavi
Triage Consulting Group