Recovery Solutions

Virtual Business Office (Early-Out) Solutions

A self-pay and balance after insurance early-out solution that is an extension of the business office and seamless to the guarantor. Client-driven policies with the efficiency of HSI’s technology ensure account resolution.
Our Patient Liability Recovery services enhanced with Presumptive Charity modeling. Provides an objective means of properly classifying charity accounts allowing efforts to be focused on self-pay dollars. Thus, improving community charitable contribution, and supporting a not-for-profit status.
Services include: Commercial, Managed Care, Medicare and Medicaid follow-up in many forms (e.g. problem accounts, aged accounts, certain payors, etc.). Payment Arrangement Monitoring Effectively manages long-term payment plans which are negotiated at the hospital; proven to decrease defaulted plans, increase recovery, and free up hospital resources.

Debt Collection Solutions

Healthcare focused utilizing predictive scoring and state-of-the-art technology to drive recoveries.

Recovery Enhancement and Compliance Solutions

A solution that has proven to be invaluable, offered to HSI’s clients through partnership with industry leader MCare Solutions. The best financial return in this niche market at extremely competitive rates.
A thorough review of accounts, where insurance has paid, (zero-balance recovery) to identify underpayments, collecting additional reimbursement. With well-trained onsite staff and a consultative approach, HSI’s partner Triage Consulting Group has recovered over $1.5 billion since its inception, consistently finding six-figures when going behind hospitals and alternative vendors. A contingency-based fee represents no risk and enormous upside for our clients.
HSI’s partner Accelerated Claims, Inc. (ACI) is the leading provider of motor vehicle claims management, providing a unique approach to managing injury claims and reimbursement services for hospital MVA patients accounts. Onsite staffing and direct patient contact generates optimal reimbursement. The proof of their ability is in the phenomenal results.
HSI offers solutions for all types of denials through our business partner Feiler & Associates. From administrative hearings to ADR proceedings, Feiler & Associates will diligently research and argue in support of payment of your claim, evaluate the governing contracts where applicable, and secure independent medical opinions where necessary, all in the interest of securing proper payment.


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HSI Financial Services, LLC is a debt collector. To ensure compliance with federal collection laws, we do not communicate with patients via e-mail. If you have received a notice regarding an account referred to HSI Financial Services, LLC, please contact a member of our professional collection staff by calling (770) 850-7450, or toll free 800-282-3108. Written inquiries should be addressed to:

HSI Financial Services, LLC
Post Office Box 723537
Atlanta, GA 31139

Please be sure to include your name, address, name of your creditor, and account number on all written inquiries.